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Hightower Structure

We have the scale and breadth of advisors that spans 100 teams nationwide that are a part of the Hightower network. This enable us to have access to quality ideas, investments and financial planning concepts, yet at the same time gives us the autonomy to function as a fully independent team. We have the collective wisdom and cost savings associated with a larger firm with a great industry reputation through Hightower. And we have the boutique feel of a firm owned and operated by business owners who are passionate about serving their clients and helping them make smart financial decisions.

Hightower Structure

Established Third Party Custodians

We have entrusted Charles Schwab to be the primary custodian for our client’s assets. Charles Schwab has been serving High Net Worth families since 1971, and they currently have more than $2.5 trillion of assets under management. Their ability to provide solutions to complex matters, along with their strong financial strength are two key reasons we have chosen to work with them. Though we have chosen Charles Schwab as our primary custodian, our open architecture allows us to custody assets at several other providers such as Fidelity, Pershing, Ameritrade, and Millennium Trust Company.

Independent and Conflict Free Market Research

One of the benefits of independence in the financial services world is the ability to obtain completely conflict free research. We don’t have anyone in house telling us the only way we can think, and we are able to leverage the collective wisdom of respected minds in the industry and factor in dissenting opinions. We have engaged some of the most respected research firms whose sole function it is to provide information to the world’s foremost institutions and endowments.

Optimize Your Investments & Get You Access to Quality Managers

The key driver to our success is the flexibility we have as it relates to our investment options. We have an unrestricted ability to partner with Alternative Investment providers to leverage their platforms and capabilities in an effort to provide clients with a vast array of investment options.

Also, throughout our many years of advising clients, we have developed strong relationships allowing us to invest directly with firms. Through these partnerships, we are able to get access to investment products at lower minimums and costs for our clients. Prior to investment, all firms undergo a rigorous due diligence process by Hightower and third-party firms.

Leverage Technology

Whether it’s for investment analysis, financial planning, tax-efficiency or portfolio reporting, we continuously search for the most efficient technology to make the client experience as strong and value ad as possible. Much like everything else we provide to our clients, there are few limits to who we can work with, and what services we can provide.

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